Welcome to our Technical Information page. Here you will find details of our Technical processes, and some specifications for the dimensions of glass we can process, and the types of glass we offer. For full data sheets please visit our Brochures and Downloads page.

Technical Process

To ensure that your glass is exactly right we generate a set of technical drawings which will be sent to you in PDF form to confirm that the details are correct. We have several methods of generating these drawings depending on the situation.

  • Digitising – If you send us a template of the glass piece you need we are able to translate that template into a digital drawing allowing us to replicate the template exactly into the finished piece.
  • Simple shapes – For the run of the mill square or rectangular pieces of glass our Customer team are able to input your dimensions, including offsets for any drilled holes and generate the drawings instantly.
  • Complex shapes – If your needs are of a more bespoke nature then we pass over to our dedicated technical team who will generate the drawings using CAD software to ensure that every detail is correct.
Digitised with a laser point
The digitised template

Glass Types

We keep the following tints and thicknesses of glass in stock for production. If you don’t see the type of glass you want please get in touch as we are able to order additional glass types.

  • Clear Glass
  • Opti-white Glass
  • Grey Tinted Glass
  • Green Tinted Glass
  • Bronze Tinted Glass

Glass Tints

We stock Clear, Grey, Green, Bronze, and Opti-white glass.

If you are interested in a different tint please contact our Customer team as we are able to order additional glass in the right situation, and are also able to offer coloured laminating films that creates a large range of tints when laminating clear glass.

Toughening Dimensions

We can toughen glass up to dimensions of 2750mm x 1350mm. There are no further limitations on production of laminated or printed glass, so we are able to process orders for those up these same dimensions with any of our other processes.