Specialist Toughened Glass was created in 2014 in order to help Seaglaze Marine Windows provide the marine industry with high quality, very short lead time, bespoke marine windows. What stated with only a small six man team, has now become a diverse and specialist unit of over 20 personnel, spread across multiple divisions of Production and Sales.

Specialist Toughened Glass can provide a wide range of services for commercial glass purposes. Thanks to our capability to toughen, laminate and print customer requested images on glass using a state of the art digital printer that uses inorganic ceramic inks, ST Glass can produce strong and secure glazing with a bespoke, unique nature that only we can provide from start to finish.

In 2021 we expanded our capabilities by building an entire new section to our factory, increasing our output potential due to high demand for our products after 7 years of providing reputable glass in an efficient and timely manner. This is a true testament to our key business foundation of providing excellence in all standards of our work.
The new factory allows us to cut and process larger sheets of glass, store more varieties of glass tints and styles, expands our sales team capabilities by providing spacious, more suitable office spaces, and more options for drilling and edging glass to keep pace with larger projects and quantities.

By combining 50 years of experience in the marine glass industry with innovative new advancements in technology available to use in house, we can take on any order with confidence, be it a small one off request or a high production batch order.

Factory Expansion 2021 – Before / After Construction