Seaglaze Marine Windows was founded back in the 1970s by the Peter Brown before being passed across to the Clayton family. Richard Clayton took over Seaglaze in the 1990s before retiring and passing it on to his son, Alastair Clayton in 2000s. Richard is still involved with the business and sits on the board of directors with his wife, so Seaglaze has very much remained a family business.

Specialist Toughened Glass was originally founded in 2014 to support Seaglaze Marine Windows in the wake of supply issues causing delays and shortages of the very specialised types of glass that are required for the marine industry.

Built on top of the same award winning IT system built in house from the ground up we are able to manage all the information involved from getting a quote to dispatching the finished order, allowing our teams to stay on top of everything, and giving our customers peace of mind that no detail will get lost in translation.

Through rapid investment and innovation in our capabilities and in people with a wealth of experience working in the glass industry, Specialist Toughened Glass has quickly moved on to carve out a place in the market including the marine industry and beyond. We now offer toughened glass products to a huge range of clients for both commercial and individual needs.

We have no plans to rest on our laurels and look forward to continuing to evolve our products and services into the future.