Truly Unique Glazing

Digital printing is ideal for detailed and bespoke or limited size production, high quality glass pieces. Choose from a selection of sourced imagery in our catalogue or provide your own image (copyright restrictions apply) to create one off, completely bespoke designs. Samples available on request.

“Etch Effect” Printing

Our etch effect is a superior alternative to sand blasted glass and acid etch glass (opal) enabling a more modern look with finer level of contrasting detail. Through a carefully designed method we produced in house through R&D, we are able to provide white prints that resemble the privacy achieved through chemically etching or sandblasting the surface of a piece of glass. The clean , modern look of etch effect glass would look very professional in a meeting room or an office when printed on glass wall dividers or even as a surface for your conference table.

Border Printing

Solid printed borders are the most common print type requested by our customers with the most common colour being black. All our black borders are printed to ensure that light transference is kept to a minimum through the printed section of the glass, even if the design is not bonded/placed against another object. The ceramic ink can also be used in conjunction with laminated glass and will not react to EVA laminate film.

The Advantages of Ceramic Ink

Highly scratch resistant and UV stable, unlike film alternatives which will fade over time

Print using a varied selection of inks to colour match RAL / Pantone colour books

• Bonded ink is so durable that sealants can be used directly on it to attach it to the side of a structure, wall or frame without the fear of it peeling or decaying many years later

Image Library

Take a look at some of the images currently in our library. These can be requested as prints on your glass.

Title: Conservatory

Ref: IMG #0002

Title: Kestrel

Ref: IMG #0003

Title: Jacuzzi

Ref: IMG #0004

Title: Tri-Colour Watches

Ref: IMG #0005

Title: Galloping Horses

Ref: IMG #0006

Title: London

Ref: IMG #0008

Title: Boat & Dolphin

Ref: IMG #0009

Title: Hummingbird

Ref: IMG #0011

Title: Parrot

Ref: IMG #0012

Title: London

Ref: IMG #0013

Title: Flowers in her hair

Ref: IMG #0014

Title: Architectural Drawing

Ref: IMG #0015

Title: Bulldog Puppy

Ref: IMG #0016

Title: Pastel Roses

Ref: IMG #0017

Title: Family Photo

Ref: IMG #0018

Title: Pocket Watch

Ref: IMG #0019

Title: Butterfly Swimmer

Ref: IMG #0020

Title: Tropical Beach

Ref: IMG #0021

Title: Infinity Pool

Ref: IMG #0022

Title: Alps Scene

Ref: IMG #0023

Title: Cosmo by the Pool

Ref: IMG #0024

Title: Blue Wave

Ref: IMG #0025

Title: Diver

Ref: IMG #0026

Title: Grand Canyon

Ref: IMG #0027

Title: Apple Basket & Lantern

Ref: IMG #0030

Title: Beach & Sunset

Ref: IMG #0032

Title: Red Kite Close-up

Ref: IMG #0033

Title: Azure Butterfly

Ref: IMG #0034

Title: Alert Squirrel

Ref: IMG #0035