Using 7 independent colour channels and “JETVER Ultra” enhanced vibrancy ceramic inks, our digital printer can produce bright and clear imagery on glass that permanently bonds to the face of the glass after toughening. Images printed in this way will never fade unlike other printing methods and remain UV Proof for the lifetime of the product.

Ceramic inks are highly scratch and chemical resistant, providing excellent additional protection to the glass and can survive heat and humidity as well as complete submersion in water, oils, and other viscous liquid solutions. The ink can also be used on touch screen glass in low opacity levels to provide user interfaces and navigation icons, mark interface boundaries and highlight key interactive areas without affecting the sensitivity or compatibility with the screen.

Additionally, ceramic based designs do not react with laminated, switch glass, or thermal mesh interlayers, providing the ultimate combination of flexibility, reliability and adaptability alongside complete creative freedom when designing bespoke patterns or imagery on glass.

It is recommended to foil back or back paint any image print that will be bonded to a surface (splashback, table/countertop, etc) as this will enhance the colours and remove any chance of bonding sealant from showing through transparent areas of the print. Back painting should be done using white paint to bring out the natural colours in a print, Black paint will only enhance darker colours and printed black areas so it should only be used if this is the outcome you desire.

1440 dpi
3.2m x 1.8m Size
Jetver Ultra Inks